The groundbreaking proposal

In addition to the plan to extend the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive to include the aspect of digital currencies, the European Commission briefly presented another idea for regulation, which has not yet been discussed by the media. It seems, however, that the Bitcoin news would be very far-reaching The Bitcoin news announced that it is […]

Class action brought against Ripple Labs

A San Diego lawyer recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of an investor against the operator of Ripple. Ten other parties have so far participated in the class-action lawsuit for the disputed violation of the U.S. federal securities law. The complaint alleges that the XRP is a security and not a currency. In addition, Ripple […]

Consumers’ Research: Blockchain will protect consumers

HOME CRYPTO BITCOIN CONSUMERS’ RESEARCH: BLOCKCHAIN WILL PROTECT CONSUMERS With growing interest in the blockchain and distributed account system of Bitcoin, the industry is now focusing more on the application of technology far away from the financial world. This has now included more time and money for identity and security applications, if not exclusively financial […]

ASIC Bitcoin-Mining: CoinBau reports back!

The name “WOLFBLOOD eXtreme Efficiency” alone will make a Miner’s heart beat faster. Anyone who doesn’t hear a direct ring should think about an extremely powerful ASIC chip which, with values of 0.19 J/GH compared to conventional ASIC chips, requires only about half the power to mine Bitcoins. Conventional and previously used chips swallow an […]