A Mastercard credit card that pays you in Bitcoins – Wirex wants to board the USA

Pay with cryptos from everywhere – Wirex and its cryptos debit cards are the good news.

Following the announcement of its partnership with Mastercard and a successful £3.7 million fund raising, the company reveals new multi-currency cards and plans for expansion in the US.

In an announcement published on October 21, Wirex presented its new Mastercard debit card, which for the first time will be multi-currency.

This update of Wirex’s debit card offering will be available first in European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

“This new product is designed to meet Wirex’s main objective, which is to make the use of cryptos more widespread, by enabling our 3.1 million customers to use multiple cryptos even more easily in their daily lives. “Wirex’s announcement

It will be able to manage up to a total of 19 different currencies: 10 crypto-actives and 9 fiduciary currencies.

The new card will also see an improvement in its cash back offer, allowing a certain percentage of rewards in bitcoins (BTC) to be received on purchases made. This offer, called Cryptoback™, will allow customers to earn up to 2% rewards on purchases made with their Wirex card and earn up to 6% annual return on the customer’s Wirex Token (WXT) balance.

“Since becoming the first crypto platform to achieve Mastercard Mastercard Master Membership status and referring to the launch of a new Wirex Mastercard (…), users have responded overwhelmingly that they want to get the new card. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between the traditional economy and the digital economy (…). “, Pavel Matveev, co-founder and CEO of Wirex.

Pre-registration for the new card and expansion in the USA and Japan

As of now, it is possible to register on the waiting list to be among the first to obtain the Wirex Mastercard. Distribution of the card will begin with UK customers in November and December 2020. The rest of the European market is expected to follow in early 2021.

As reported by Decrypt crypto-media, the United States is also expected to benefit from the new Wirex card in the near future:

“We are very pleased to announce that a launch in the US is planned for December this year, and in Japan early next year as well. This should be very welcome given the interest we have received from crypto-enthusiasts and fintech fans in these regions. »

Business is looking good for Wirex with this new Mastercard. Between this kind of news and PayPal’s one incorporating Bitcoin and 3 other cryptos, the massive use – and thus adoption – of cryptos seems to be on the right track.