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THE FISHER INSTITUTE seeks to facilitate scientific research and education that will foster health and wellness whether on a preventive basis or for those who may be in compromised states of health. A primary objective is to explore the extent, if any, to which nutraceuticals, glyconutritionals, phytonutritionals, functional foods, and/or other natural substances may provide integrative and complementary health and wellness support. An additional objective is to support development of technology related to these areas. It is also hoped that the ongoing results of these endeavors will provide data that is sufficiently informative to stimulate further research and education for the benefit of the general public, as well as, for healthcare professionals and other interested researchers.

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Educational information may come from many varied sources including, but not limited to, anecdotal reports, retrospective and basic pilot studies, initial observations of professionals in various fields, published reports, formal studies, public websites, etc. Conclusions drawn or representations made are those of the authors, presenters, researchers, or others, and are not representations of the Fisher Institute unless specifically stated as such.

The Fisher Institute does not make claims with respect to the efficacy of any product or substance’s ability to treat, cure, or mitigate disease. Additionally, Fisher strongly advocates that the incorporation of any product or substance into an individual’s health management be done in consultation with that individual’s healthcare professional.

All materials produced or disseminated by the FISHER INSTITUTE are for educational purposes only, for the general public, and are not intended as an endorsement of products, services, or technologies of any individual or entity.

Glyconutrient Research Published Reports

Published and presented papers on aloe vera active ingredient supported by research funding from Carrington Laboratories. The active principle isolated with immune modulating activity has been called, alcohol extracted freeze-dried aloe, Carrisyn®, Acemannan®, Acemannan Immunostimulant® polymannose, Mannapole®. The plant synthesized compound is chains of mannose sugar hooked together by beta 1-4 linkage (B-mannans or B-glucans) that vary widely in length to form many molecular weights. Note: there are 136 titles from 11 institutions produced by 55 investigators between 1987-1993.

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